Helen a Regular Customer Needs to Send Money to Her Grandson’s Best Friend

Helen a regular customer of Western Union wants to send money to her grandson’s best friend who broke down while driving across country. There are several questions Helen could ask to determine if she is a victim of fraud or is dealing with a legitimate service. The life of Lady Blessington, the grandmother of Helen Jewett’s best friend, was an inspiration for the author. Although the grandson did not call the grandmother directly, the grandmother was close to him and had spoken to him often. However, he could not reach her directly and she would not be able to help the young man.

Lady Blessington’s life was a model for Helen Jewett

In the last two years of her life, Helen Jewett had lived in three brothels. She lived at 41 Thomas Street, twice under Rosina Townsend, and once at 128 Duane Street, run by the famous Mary Berry, a woman known as the Duchess of Berri. Helen lived in a beautiful room with a large worktable where she kept pens and ink, as well as fine writing paper. She was also a regular customer of the brothel, but she was allowed to leave when she felt compelled to.

A renowned letter writer, Helen Jewett was a familiar figure in the mid-1830s New York. A striking and elegant woman, she was recognized by many pedestrians on Broadway. Her brothel also attracted a notorious client, Richard P. Robinson, who would murder Jewett. The murder case has sparked a national debate about the nature of prostitution and the right way to conduct it.

Her grandson’s best friend

Helen is a regular customer who needs to send money to her grandson”s best friend, who is in need of a small emergency cash advance. Her car broke down on the way across the country and her grandson could not get in touch with him to help him fix it. Luckily, Helen – who regularly pays her credit card bills in full – has a reliable way to send money.


Helen, a regular customer of a bank, needs to send money to her grandson’s best friend, who broke down while driving across the country. While she could ask her grandson what he needed, Helen is more interested in finding out if her grandson’s best friend is safe. While the grandsons are very close, the fact that they have never spoken directly to each other makes Helen suspicious.

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