How to Invest in Good Earth Organics (NASDAQ:GOOD)

how to invest in good earth organics

Growing experts recommend investing in a product pipeline such as Good Earth Organics’. This is a foundational asset. Without a solid product pipeline, you risk wasting production and incurring devastating net costs. However, the quality of soil is one of the most important components of a healthy garden. Good Earth Organics offers a comprehensive approach to soil-based organic gardening. The following article looks at the various ways you can invest in the company.

Growth strategy

Good Earth Organics, a producer and manufacturer of soil amendments, has announced its plans to list on the OTC market after completing a Regulation A capital raise. The company is an industry leader in organic soil and amendments. Liz Wald, the chief strategy and digital officer, will discuss the company’s growth strategy, the state of the cannabis market, and the legalization process in the US. She will also discuss the company’s plans for the proceeds from the capital raise.

The company has expanded its market to include both home growers and professional cultivators. Good Earth Organics has established a reputation for providing high-quality organic growing media for both indoor and outdoor plants. Good Earth Organics’ management has experience in scaling companies and introducing field-tested organic products to new markets. The company’s line of organic fertilizers and potting soils features natural ingredients and is free of synthetic additives, pesticides, and herbicides.

The company expects to post revenue of $4.5 million in 2020, up 44% from the previous year. It attributes the growth in sales to an increasing number of individual consumers and a broad base of customers in the Emerald Triangle (Northern California, Southern Oregon, and Washington). The company also points to increased global demand for organic potting soil, a market that reached $1.5 billion last year. The company’s management team includes a team of experienced growers who have worked with major companies like Bear Stearns and Indiegogo.

Product pipeline

The Good Earth Organics product pipeline is one of the company’s foundational assets. Growing experts advise not to sacrifice soil quality to reduce costs, as the net cost of poor soil quality can be catastrophic. Good Earth Organics’ product pipeline consists of a number of products that address the most common problems in soil. These include low fertility, inefficient soil management, and deteriorating soil quality. Good Earth Organics’ product pipeline is a testament to this philosophy.

Good Earth Organics increased revenue by 43% in 2019, generating over $3 million in revenue. Its product pipeline is robust and differentiates itself from the rest of the cannabis industry, as its ingredients are organic and the company invests in the highest quality soils and nutrients. Another important element is the company’s management team, which is filled with experienced professionals with proven track records. The team at Good Earth Organics is passionate about growing premium cannabis.

The company also manufactures and formulates premium organic potting soils and nutrients. Their products are optimized for cannabis and hemp flower cultivation. Good Earth Organics’ proprietary blends are OMRI and Clean Green certified, and they are free of heavy metals and synthetic chemicals. As such, they help growers pass strict state purity testing standards. Good Earth Organics has been in business since 2008 and is a pioneer in organic gardening.

Good Earth has three main growth strategies: a sustainable approach to farming, organic ingredients, and avoiding harmful chemicals. The company has grown to 105 products in the United States, selling its products in all 50 states. The company has survived the downturn of its largest customer and the financial struggles of its largest distributor. It employs 50 people at its Lancaster headquarters, and nine other plants throughout the United States. Its focus on organic products is one of its key competitive advantages.

Expected uses of funds

If you’re considering a cannabis investment, consider Good Earth Organics (NASDAQ:GOOD). The company has been growing its revenue year-over-year, and in 2019 they expect to grow its sales by 44%, to more than $4.45M. The company has increased its sales to consumers, large professional cannabis growers, and hemp and Emerald Triangle growers. In addition, investors should consider Good Earth Organics’ management team, which is stacked with talent and proven track records.

The product pipeline is Good Earth Organics’ foundational asset. Growing experts recommend not sacrificing quality in favor of productivity, because the results could be disastrous. In other words, investing in a company that relies on good soil could cost you money in the long run. Luckily, Good Earth Organics is a company that cares about its soil, and it’s committed to improving it for the long term.

Investment options

Investors looking to gain exposure to the cannabis industry may want to consider investing in Good Earth Organics. The company has recently increased revenue by over 43% year to date and is now worth over $3 million. The company differentiates itself from competitors through its investments in high-quality nutrients and soils. The company also has a talented management team with proven track records and a passion for producing premium cannabis products. Regardless of which marijuana stock to invest in, investors should consider the company’s fundamentals.

Good Earth Organics is a leading producer and manufacturer of organic soil amendments. During the conference, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer Liz Wald will discuss the trends in the cannabis industry, the US legalization road map, and non-plant touching companies. She will also highlight the company’s growth strategy and the expected use of the funds raised. The company plans to use the proceeds from its Regulation A capital raise to list directly on the OTC.