How to Make a Money Roll Gift Box

There are many ways to present a money roll gift box. Some gift boxes are plain, while others are decorated with a fun message. Some gift boxes feature decorative filler, such as colorful tissue paper or a funky canvas. Regardless of the box you choose, your recipient will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness. Read on for more ideas! We hope you enjoy the project! The possibilities are endless!

Money topiary in a flower pot

If you are in search of a creative way to present your gift to a friend or family member, you can use toilet paper towel rolls as a base. Save them well before planting season and cut them into sections about half an inch apart. Fold the sections inward toward the center to form the bottom of the flower pot. Then, place your gift in the flower pot.

To create a more elaborate money plant, use dollar bills. To make it more attractive, fold them into a flower-like shape and stick them to small sticks or colorful ribbons. The flower-like money plant is sure to be a conversation piece! The recipient of this gift will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness. You can create many such flower-pot gift ideas for any occasion. Aside from the flower-pot decoration, you can also give the gift of money as a housewarming or an office gift.

Jolly jar

You can create a simple money roll gift box for someone special. This unique gift box can be made with just a few simple supplies, and you can decorate it in any way you wish. You can use any type of tissue paper and decorate it however you want, but the basic method is as simple as following the instructions below. You can also add some decorative filler, such as candy or a small gift card, to disguise the money roll.

Cut a money roll that is 1 7/8″ in diameter or 47mm. Then, cut a slit in the lid of the box and line it up with the slit on the money roll. Use a marker or colored pencil to draw dots, squiggly lines, or stars on the patterned side. Attach the lid to the box by using double-sided tape. When the money roll is complete, add the ribbon or bow.

Canvas with a silly message

Embroider a canvas with a funny message to make a money roll gift box. The money roll should sit upright, and if you do it wrong, it will slouch. Instead of hiding it with decorative filler, put a small piece of red candy inside the box. Then wrap a handmade tag around it. Add some decorative filler to hide the money roll.

Origami money heart

One of the most simple and effective ways to create a heart-shaped box using dollar bills is to make an origami money heart. First, fold the dollar bill in half so the left and right sides meet at the center. Next, fold the right side inward in line with the middle crease. Fold in half again to form the second half of the heart. Place small chocolates in the center, and you have a heart-shaped box!

To create the heart shape, fold the bottom and sides inwards to meet the centre line. Now fold in the sides along the dotted lines, then fold the top flaps down and the corners of the heart inwards. Then, you can use the box as a gift! It is an inexpensive way to give a special gift. Make sure to include a ribbon or other embellishment to give it a more personal touch!

Toilet paper roll

Using a toilet paper rolls as the gift wrapping material makes the entire project a much more unique gift idea. Instead of using a traditional envelope, you can use a toilet paper roll filled with money. The recipient will then roll it up and see the money inside. This creative gift idea turns an ordinary chocolate box for money into something that will be cherished for years to come. And, if you don’t have a toilet paper roll handy, you can also use this technique on the inside of a brown paper grocery bag.

First, you need a piece of wrapping paper approximately eight inches by 12 inches. Fold the long edges inward and tape them to the toilet paper roll. You’ll want to fold the ends of the paper roll inwards so that only a small amount of money is visible. Once you’ve finished wrapping the roll in a tube, add a decorative filler to hide the toilet paper roll.

Using a toilet paper roll as a cash dispenser

A money roll is a clever way to give an old toilet paper roll a second life. You can make one by adding a pull tab made of cardstock or regular paper. To make it easier to pull out, tape the end of one cash note onto the “pull here” tab, and the next piece should be taped on top. You can also decorate the bottom and the top of the box.

To create a money roll gift box, you need to make a tissue box that is approximately 8 x 12 inches. You can use regular wrapping paper and add a cute little money roll to the tissue box. Once the box is decorated, just add decorative filler, such as curling ribbon, and you’re done! This gift box will be a hit with any recipient!

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